when to replace your roof

Having a stable roof is important for your safety. There are many indicators for a roof replacement in Kingston. In some cases, small repairs do the trick. Yet, constant repairs do not increase roof longevity. To better understand this roofing service, see the below.

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof?

Here’re 5 steps below that show your roof needs replacement and is the best time to replace your roof. Must check below;

1. Roof Leak

2. Damaged/Peeling Shingles

3. Age of Roof

4. Gutter Inspection

5. Damaged Flashing

Roofing Leaks

Not always simple to detect, some areas show leaks more than others. The attic is the most common spot for roof leaks. If there is an exposed spot on your roof, precipitation enters. Molding appears as a result and spreads throughout the attic and ceiling. To increase the longevity of your roof, attic inspections are key. If left, moisture eats away at the wood in the roof. This escalating situation leads to a roof replacement Guelph.

Damaged/Peeling Shingles

The handling of shingle issues is vital to the functionality of your roof. At PinkStar Roofing LLC, we encourage you to be proactive. Long-term damage or missing shingles lowers the value of your home. Holes in the roof invite precipitation to accumulate. The water molecules build up and eat away at the other shingles. Regardless of the size of the job, our roof maintenance service is right for your project. Keeping your roof intact is not something a lot of homeowners do. So, they end up paying for an entirely new roof once the problem worsens. To prevent that, call us for a roof inspection.

Aging Roof

If you are a new homeowner, the installed roof has a lifespan of roughly 15 years. If you bought a previously owned house, contact PinkStar Roofing LLC. The reason is that the roof you have might be worse than you think. The older the roof, the more likely it is to have imperfections.

Gutter Build-up

One surprising cause of roof damage comes from your gutters. Specifically, during the fall the leaves accumulate and raise problems for your home. With the build-up, snow, and rain leak into exposed areas of the roof. The precipitation is trapped in the accumulating leaves or debris in gutters. Since the water has nowhere to go, leaks occur. Depending on how long this occurs determines the service required. Roof repair Guelph services tend to handle these situations. If you notice any gutter issues, contact our roofing team.

Damaged Flashing

If the installation isn’t perfect, this creates holes in the roof. The design of a roof should last 15 years, and damaged flashing worsens the durability. Our roofing company Kingston workers are experienced in many areas. Ensuring flashing is done right is an area we know is important to the project. It’s easy for other roofing businesses to mess up the flashing. Our workers understand the complexity of the installation and want the roof done well. Any damage to the flashing continues to grow from the elements if not attended to.

Summary of When to Replace Your Roof

At PinkStar Roofing LLC, we offer a free consultation call service that is worth considering. During this call, we talk about your project and discuss what service is best for you. The roofers are perfectionists and guarantee that the job meets your expectations. We hope to hear from you to discuss the project details further. Give us a call at 647-694-6706