Christmas Light Installation Kitchener

Christmas Light Installation Kitchener: Why Choose Us?


With over a decade of experience in Kitchener, the quality of our work has helped us to grow our business in many areas. Performing professional and premium roofing repairs and roofing replacements, in numerous towns, separates our work from others.

Our process creates a better look for your home, and adds higher value to your investment. If you are looking for Christmas light installation Kitchener workers, look no further.


Every Christmas season we have returning clientele. Proven to satisfy the needs of our customers, they look to have this service performed each year. Having experienced roofers handle this job is important. Safety is key when dealing with your roof. You can never be too sure and that's why we should handle this for you.

Get Our Christmas Light Installation Kitchener Service Today

Just $950 for your whole property

The chosen lights are yours to keep at the end of the season. Next year, the sole charge is labour cost for re-installing the lights. We are looking to expand our Christmas-time clientele. With an already substantial client base, we want to share our services in other towns. If you have any questions, give us a call.

Christmas Light Installation Kitchener

Enjoy These Amazing Benefits

Light Installation for Your Home

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with our Christmas light installation service

Lights Storage

If you don't know where to store your lights, we take them off your hands for you. This way, we return to your home next year for a new re-installment.

Keep Your Lights

Each season can re-use the same lights! This saves you money and you know exactly what you're getting each year!

Trees, Hedges, You Name It!

Not only is your home decorated but your whole property is festive too!

Christmas Light Installation Kitchener

Bonus - Get all Burnt Lightbulbs Replaced FREE

Call us before jan 1st and we install for free

If there is anything wrong with the installation process, call us. We ensure that all customers are satisfied. That is why we have our free replacement service. If there are any faulty lightbulbs, we replace free of charge before Jan 1st.

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