Best Roofers For Christmas Light Installation Cambridge, ON

PinkStar Offer Services in Christmas Light Installation

Choose Your Lights

LED lights in the colour of your choice (multi colour, blue, red, warm white, etc.). The lights are installed on all roof lines of the house. They will be set on a timer, going on and off at your choosing. 

Replacement/Burnt Bulbs

If any bulbs or light strands burn before January 1st, let us know. Our team installs replacements for free.

Storage of Lights

We take your lights and store them for no charge. Christmas lights can be difficult to store, so let us handle it for you.

What We Offer

With the holiday season approaching, homeowners are busier than usual. Having time to set up Christmas lights is hard to come by. Our roofing company handles these duties for you. We handle the Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener areas. Check out what our clients say about us here

Details of Christmas Light Installation Cambridge Process

At the end of the season, your chosen lights are yours to keep. To understand the cost of lights, extension cords and timers ask for a quote. Next year, the only charge is for the labour cost of re-installing the lights. The biggest draw with our process is the ownership of the lights. Majority of competing Christmas light installation Cambridge companies provide rentals. We can also take the lights down for you, give us a call.


Do I have to pay for installation takedown?

Yes, there is an additional $75 charge on top of the original quote.

How much is the Christmas light installation in Cambridge, ON?

The cost for this process is $950.

How early can I have my lights put up?

Whenever you want. We recommend earlier, before the rush. That way, we can schedule you in easier.

Reviews From Previous Clients

"Firstly, I was blown away by the professionalism of the employees who handled the roof repair job I had requested. I couldn’t provide a ton of detail on the roof damage I was experiencing; however, they were able to troubleshoot extremely effectively and communicated the issue to me with ease & understanding. The project was done well and in a timely manner. Good Job PinkStar Roofing, you are seriously the best Roofing Company Cambridge area."


Aj Sharma
Current Home Owner in Cambridge Area

"After speaking to a representative over the phone about a roof repair issue that needed to be done. After speaking for no longer than 5 minutes, I had an exact quote and appointment booked for later that exact week. Very surprising turnaround and happy to say the job was accomplished sooner than i had thought."

Co Founder

Ryan Tomk
Home Owner in Cambridge, ON

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