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Roof Replacement

If your roof is over 15 years old, it may be time for a replacement. The majority of old roofs will experience leaks or imperfections. PinkStar Roofing LLC can easily handle your roof replacement needs. We encourage you to call us and we will come to take a look at your roof. Our workers have over a decade of experience and know-how to treat your project. We will also provide an accurate quote so you know what it will cost. 

Roof Repair

If you are not in the market for a new roof, we can help repair your current one. If the situation is small, a repair will help you get more years out of your roof. Depending on the severity, our team will analyze your project early on and see what services you need. Some roof repair services we offer are for leaks, missing shingles, and flashing damage.

Waterloo Roofing Company: More About Us

PinkStar Roofing LLC. provides expert services and has knowledgable workers that will satisfy your roofing needs. Our professionalism and working habits helps us rank as the best Waterloo roofing company.

There are key steps when choosing a Waterloo roofing company. Firstly, you need to check if they perform the service you require. If you aren't sure what the issue is, making a call on the front end is the best first step.

At PinkStar Roofing LLC. we provide a free consultation call service. Not only will this help us identify the issue, but we may be able to help you troubleshoot over the phone. Also, we can start building a client & business relationship right away. This will help you trust us with your roofing project. We have been providing the best Waterloo roofing company services for over a decade. Chances are, we have done the services you will require.

Waterloo Roofing Company
Project Results

Our Roofing Company Results

One area that we pride ourselves on is our performance. From start to end, our services are unmatched. We start with discussing the project on the phone with the customer. Once the logistics have been ironed out, we begin the execution. We are very efficient and the project usually takes no longer than 3 days. We know this job can be noisy. The last thing we want to do is disrupt the lives of you and your neighbours. Once the job has been completed, we clean up the street. Most of the time, there is debris from the materials used. We ensure your property and neighbourhood will be cleaned. Leaving the homeowners with a professional goodbye means a lot to us. We hope that our hard work and professionalism will help network our company through word of mouth. Give us a call at 647-694-6706 for a free consultation.

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