Roof Replacement Kingston

Our Roof Replacement Kingston Process

Discuss Details

Communication is key to the success of roofing projects. For our team to understand your situation, provide us with all the details. From there, we schedule a time to quote and inspect your home.


Once we arrive, a full roof inspection is important. This way, we note any obstacles and issues with the roof. A quote is made once we determine the materials, tools, and labour, to ensure a job well done.

Post-Job Work

Before wrapping up the project, we ensure customer satisfaction. If there are any last minute changes, let us know. Also, the post-job clean up is key. We don't want your property left dirty, so we handle the cleaning.

Who Offers the Best Roof Replacement Kingston Services?

Choosing a company for your roofing project is not easy. There are many factors considered during the decision-making process. The best companies are transparent. At PinkStar Roofing LLC, our workers are professional and trustworthy. With a wide range of services, we have experience that is unmatched. A great way to understand our services is by visiting our services page below. We cover an array of duties which help build our reputation well.

Roof Replacement Kingston
Roof Replacement Kingston

Pricing Residental Roofing

Here we share the roofing cost Kingston Ontario. To understand the difference between pricing strategies, see the below:

  • Size of Job
  • Labour Costs
  • Materials Required

The above factors influence the price. Larger jobs require more staffing, meaning the job will cost more for the homeowner. The size of the job and materials are also important. Some prefer an aesthetic roof finish rather than functionality. This results in increased costs. For more information on our pricing, click here.

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