Roof Repair Kitchener

Roof Repair Kitchener: Our Services

Shingle Repair

Our most requested service for roof repairs are for shingles. After the 15 year mark, shingles experience damage. Whether it's from snow, rain, or wind, it's encouraged to check your shingles. If you have loose or missing shingles, call us.

Soffit / Fascia

Damage to your soffit or fascia occurs over time. Especially in extreme weather conditions, keep an eye out for damage. When they aren't functioning well, there is a possibility of rain entering your home. Annual roof inspections are a way to avoid this.

Roof Leaks

Leaks in your roof are difficult to predict. A way for you to identify leaks is by checking your attic. The attic is the best indicator for penetration spots in your roof. If wet spots are appearing, water is seeping through. Water spots eventually turn into mold. Call us for roof maintenance services.

What We Offer

We are the most trusted roofing company in Kitchener. To ensure the best safety for your home, call for a roof inspection. An old weathered roof exposes your house to leaks from rain, debris, and other elements.
Having a damaged roof usually increases energy bills. The damaged roof does not insulate the interior and raises heat costs. Having your roof checked is important. Our roofing services gives your home a stronger and durable roof to keep the elements away.
Roof Repair Kitchener
Roof Repair Kitchener

Top Rated Roof Repair Services

PinkStar Roofing LLC provides roof repair services to Kitchener residents. We understand how to handle roof damage. Our roofing technicians have the knowledge to prevent further damage to your home.

Based on the experience of our workers, we are open to discussing all projects. Growing a relationship with the client is very important to us. Give us a call today.

After a major windstorm, I was in need of roof repair Kitchener services. PinkStar Roofing LLC was punctual and professional.
- Connor MacDonald, Kitchener Home Owner.