Christmas Light Installation Ontario

Christmas Light Installation Ontario: Where We Service

Christmas Light Installation Ontario


The work accomplished in Cambridge put us on the map. Starting in Cambridge, ON has helped our company greatly. The success in this town has helped us expand across Ontario. Our Christmas light installation Ontario service is unmatched. If you are looking to decorate your home this winter season, give us a call.

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Christmas Light Installation Ontario, Canada


At PinkStar Roofing LLC we have many clients in Guelph. The results from our premium roofing services have given us a great reputation. Guelph residents have been coming to PinkStar Roofing LLC. for their roofing needs for years. We continue to be the most trustworthy company for Christmas light installation in Ontario.

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Christmas Light Installation Services Ontario


If you are a Kitchener resident looking for Christmas light installation, PinkStar Roofing LLC. is your solution. Let's have your home looking good for the Christmas Holidays. We all know the neighbourhood will have lights up, let us handle yours. We encourage new customers to give us a call so we can turn your house more festive.

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Christmas Light Installation Ontario: Services Offered

Lights Selection

Any colour of your choosing, we install the lights for you. They are set on a a timer, going off whenever you please.

Bulb Replacement

In case there are any deficient bulbs, we will replace them for free before January 1st.

End of Season Storage

If you find the lights too difficult to store, we gladly take them off your hands. Once next Christmas season rolls around, we will re-install the same ones for you. 

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