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Cambridge Roofing Company | Residential and Commercial Work

Roof Leaks

Repairing roofs in Cambridge has been a staple for our company for years. Whether it's a leak or a moisture build up, we know how to troubleshoot. The process for handling roof leaks is something we've perfected over the years.

New Build Installations

The requests we receive vary from commercial, to residential, but also new builds. if you are renovating a property and need a new roof, call us. Not only do we perfect repairs but we do full installations too.

Siding/Fascia Repair

One of our most common calls is for siding, fascia, or gutter damage. Often, in harsh weather areas, wind damage effects these areas first. Having the occasional look at your roof is something we encourage. Especially after a wind storm, look for shingle damage too.

When is the Best Time to Call Us?

There really is not an opportune time to call a roofer. Chances are, you're contacting us because an issue occurred. We understand that emergency roof repair Cambridge requests happen. To better handle the situation, give us a precautionary call. If anything looks irregular, we provide a roof inspection service to ease your mind. Not all businesses provide inspections like this, but we want our clients safe. We often look for issues in the interior as well as the exterior. With that said, we will accept your call any time. Open 7-days a week, we are always available to assist if you need us.

Cambridge roofing company

Why PinkStar Roofing?

Roof Design

There have not been too many companies dominate the roofing industry like us. We have been a top choice for commercial and residential roofing for years. Whether it's a house or an office space, we design and provide the best roofs out there. If you have a property and want the best quality roof, look no further. We will happily take on any roofing job you throw our way. Our commercial cleaning Cambridge services handle post-job cleanups for your property.