Why Roof Inspection is Necessary

No matter the style of your roof, it is important to have inspections. In most cases, being proactive saves you money down the road. Most homeowners are not actively on their roofs. Having professionals checking the state of your roof is in your best interest. If your roof has surpassed the 15-year mark, give us a call. Below are lists of why it's key to have roof inspections.

Common Findings During Roof Inspection

1. Animal Damage

2. Roof Leaks

3. Shingle Issues

4. Roof System Problems

Animal Damage

Knowing when critters are inside your home is hard. Animals are strong enough to damage the shingles on your roof. They also hook their claws to open your fascia. This acts as an entrance point for them and other animals. Once entered the animal's nest. The nesting results in leaks, framing damage, and holes in the roof. The holes they’ve made act as an entry for water and damages the attic. If you hear or see animal activity around your home, give us a call. We are the best roofing company Guelph for this service.

Roof Leaks

Although not always easy to detect, some areas in your home show leaks. Your attic is the most commonplace for finding them. Often, there is an exposed spot in your roof; allowing precipitation to enter. In this case, mold then appears and spreads to the framing. To increase the longevity of your roof, attic checks are important. If left unchecked, water weakens the structure of your home, and a roof replacement Guelph is needed.

Shingle Issues

Shingle maintenance is important to the longevity of your roof. We do not expect you to know the exact moment a shingle is damaged. But, once you notice something wrong, our roofers need to handle your project. Holes in the roof acts as a gateway for water into the home. The water molecules build up and eat away at the other shingles. Before you know it, an entire roof replacement will be serviced. Being proactive saves you money down the road. Although missing shingles doesn’t sound like a cause for concern, it is.

Roof System Problems

Your roof system contains many components. One cause of roof damage comes from gutters. Especially during the fall, leaves accumulate and act as a barrier for drainage. With the build-up, snow and rain leak into exposed areas of the roof. In the summer, any blockage from branches or debris has the same effect on the roof. Any imperfections in the gutter drainage system lead to water entering unwanted areas. Downspouts and eavestroughs fall under the same category as well. If these are not checked, further issues occur. Animals nest in these areas, which resists the air and water flow in your homes.


There are many factors that contribute to a good roof system. For the whole process to function, roof inspections are key. To ensure roof longevity, our roofers suggest bi-annual inspections. This way, our roofers handle it before the situation worsens. If you notice a roof leak, check your attic to see the severity of the problem. If left unattended, the situation results in a more expensive bill in the future. When it comes to roof inspections, we are the top Guelph roofing company for this need. Your roof is a long-term investment that we don’t want you worrying about. To get a hold of our professional roofers, our phone number is 647-694-6706.