Why Do New Roof Installations Fail

It can be quite frustrating when you invest in a new roof and the installation is not completed to your standards. This is a common mistake for new homeowners or customers who do not have preparation prior to the project starts. The average lifespan of a roof is roughly 15-20 years. In some cases, the roof won’t be durable enough to surpass the 5-year mark.  Not only is your roof supposed to make the homeowner feel more secure, but it’s an investment that increases the value of the house. Many reports have proven that a roof replacement can produce an ROI of 60-70%. Our professionals at PinkStar Roofing LLC have identified a series of mistakes other roofing contractors make that can answer the question of Why Do New Roof Installations Fail?

PinkStar Roofing LLC lists down Why Do New Roof Installations Fail?

#1. Poor Workmanship

Hiring a company based on their experience is not always an indicator of quality performance. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to engage in thorough research on the roofing company you are looking to take on your project. Many companies look to cut corners and produce as many roofing jobs as they can in the short season. Once you have settled on a company, you can look for many indicators that will help determine the quality of your roof replacement. One of these telling signs is failing to properly nail the shingles along the nail line. The repercussions of this can lead to shingles blowing away, roof leaks, and property damage. Another sign is when roofers use caulking. The caulking fills in penetration points near the chimney, vents, or skylights.

#2. Use of Cheap Materials

The sad reality is that some roofing companies try to maximize profits in all aspects of their job. This can be evident in the quality of their materials and equipment. There are many cost-saving tactics that companies use in this industry that some homeowners won’t be able to identify. Some of which include drip edge metals, cheap sealants, and reusing flashings. If you notice a major drop-off in price, the material quality could definitely be the reason behind that. When asking yourself Why Do New Roof Installations Fail? You need to be cognizant of the factors contributing to pricing differences. The roof is a component of your house that you should not be frugal about. Keep in mind that the cost over time may end up being worse than your original payment to a quality roofing contractor.

#3. Improper Flashing Installation

The flashing is usually made of metal material; installed to prevent water from penetrating shingles or other areas. The failure to install flashing properly can lead to roof leaks or mold buildup. Investing in higher quality material will help prolong the lifespan of your roof. The lack of flashing knowledge on the contractor’s behalf is an answer to why do new roof installations fail?

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Final Thought- Why Do New Roof Installations Fail?

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