Roof Repair

It is important to understand the difference between roof repair and replacement. Both services will vary in price depending on the company. There are many factors that contribute to the pricing of either service. The below lists down what falls under roof repair services Cambridge.

What is Considered a Roof Repair?

#1· Chimney Damage

#2· Flashing

#3· Shingle Repair

#4· Skylights

#5· Gutters

#6· Soffit / Fascia

The above services are all components of roof repair Guelph. The commonality amongst these is that this work is done to improve your current roof. Meaning, you do not need an entire roof replacement. The majority of roof repairs will generally cost less than $3,000- $5,000 depending on the size of your home. It is important to note the price differences between companies. Established companies will charge for premium services. The material quality and workmanship will be higher. In contrast, if you have a lower budget, newer companies will offer discounted rates.

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Changing a Roof: Average Prices

1· New Shingle Roof – $7,500

2· New Metal Roof – $14,500

3· New Flat Roof – $8,225

As shown in the list, the cost of changing a roof is significantly more. With this said, roof replacements are necessary depending on your need. If your roof is experiencing constant leaks or damage, it is time for a new roof. Two indicators of needing a roof replacement are mold and indoor temperature changes. More specifically, if your attic is showing water spots and mold, you have a roof leak. If these spots are not fixed, the wooden structure in your attic may start deteriorating. Additionally, these holes in your roof allow the elements to enter your home. During winter, your thermostat bill could increase due to the wind entering your home. Your heater will need to work overtime to combat this.

Moreover, the materials used will influence the price. Asphalt single roof is the most common roofing finish. It also happens to be the cheapest in comparison to metal and flat roofs. Metal roofs are more durable and built to withstand the elements. This is why they are double the price of asphalt and flat roofs. In this industry, you are paying for durability and longevity. A valuable resource would be to ask the company for references. This way, you can hear about the results and see if there are any imperfections.

To Summarize What is More Expensive, Roof Repair or Changing a Roof

There are many contributors that need to be considered. To give a definitive answer, roof replacements are more expensive. On average, a customer will be paying a few thousand dollars more for an entire roof change. The reason being is that the job is larger than the roof repair services. During a roof repair, you are informing the company of a few small issues with your roof. With a roof replacement, you are getting everything on your roof worked on. With this said, it is important to call the company you are considering. At PinkStar Roofing LLC, we provide a free consultation call service. From there, we can get a better understanding of the project you need. Also, we can discuss the budget and see what service is best for you.