Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Avoiding commercial roof repair is not an easy task. There are many ways that your roof wears down after time. If your commercial roofing Guelph has exceeded the 20-year mark, be wary of any long-term damage. Neglecting your roof costs building leasers a lot of money. Depending on where your building is located, the costs vary. Also, another thing to note is the roofing material. Many office buildings use more durable materials than residential houses. Steel, aluminum, copper, and aluminum roofs are the most common. It is easy for roof repairs to become costly. The below lists down ways to avoid repairs and use our roof maintenance service.

List of Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

#1. Attic Investigation

#2. Gutter/Drain Inspection

#3. Blogs and Social Media

Bi-Annual Attic Check

To prevent roof damage, starting in your attic is key to roof longevity. There are many ways to detect leaks or holes in your roof. Any water accumulation eventually leaves watermarks on the ceiling. Look for discoloration in plywood and the wood beams of the attic floor. Any damage to the insulation is a cause for concern. These are signs of where it might have been leaking during rainfall. Having a professional company check your roof twice a year is in your best interest. This leads to detecting the issues before they become more significant and spread. By scheduling regular inspections, you uncover any problems with roof performance. Bi-annual inspections prevent you from needing our commercial roof replacement Cambridge services.

Gutter and Drain Inspections

You need to keep your gutters and drains clear from blockage. If there are any drains that are blocked, call us. One of the most common causes of rook leaks is gutters. Gutters experience clogging when leaves, debris, or garbage accumulates. When water builds up, it finds an exit point. Meaning, it is bound to cause penetration points in the roof, leading to damage. Drains are a key component of your Guelph commercial roofing system. In the summer, any blockage from branches or debris has the same effect on the roof. Any imperfections in the gutter drainage system lead to water in unwanted areas. Downspouts and eavestroughs fall under the same category as well. If these are not checked, further issues occur.

Blogs and Social Media

One of the best resources for roof maintenance help is blog posts. The information gathered from our blogs is important for your commercial roofing needs. Often, another client has experienced something similar in the past. Our blog provides guidance, so you handle the issue on your own. Social media is another resource for your benefit. We update our social platforms so customers can use them as a reference point. This way, you see if the requested job has been completed before.

To Summarize – Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

PinkStar Roofing LLC provides premium services for your commercial roof maintenance needs. We understand some commercial buildings are different. Troubleshooting is necessary for us to understand the correct service to provide you with. To ensure an efficient system, provide details on the phone. We want to ensure the job is done promptly and doesn’t worsen. If you think you have roof damage, call us at 647-694-6706 and we will handle your situation, so it doesn’t worsen.