how to prevent ice damming on your roof

Do you also want to prevent ice damming on your roof? If yes, here we share some information about it. Avoiding ice dams is not an easy task. There are many ways that your roof can be weathered during the winter months. If your roof has exceeded the 15-year mark, be wary of any damage. If you experience any issues listed below, contact our roof installation Guelph workers. It is easy for roof maintenance services to become costly. The below explains what ice dams are and how to prevent them.

What are Ice Dams?

The main cause for ice dams is consistent melting and freezing. Snow becomes a layer on your roof as winter progresses. The warmed attic causes snow to melt and enter the soffits and edges of the roof. If the snow doesn’t drain well, it freezes and builds up over time creating ice dams.

Throughout the winter, it’s important to check the activity on your roof. Constant freezing and melting of snow results in more ice dams. If this pattern continues, water works its way under your shingles and into your attic. The water then enters the insulation, causing failure. Also, warm air from your home will rise into your attic making the ice dam grow.

Another area that you should be wary about is molding. If water enters your attic, these wet surfaces attract mold. Mold eats at the roofing foundation. This makes emergency roof repair costly and labour intensive. The constant water leaking and freezing cycle make the ice dam worse. Having one of our roofers assess the situation is important. The occurrence of ice dams over the winter can take a toll on your roof. To encourage roof longevity, this issue needs addressing sooner than later.

3 Tips to Prevent Ice Damming on Your Roof

#1. Keep the Snow Load Down

#2. Clear Your Gutters & Downspouts

#3. Constant Airflow in Attic

Keep the Snow Load Down

Keeping the snow load on your roof to its least is important. To prevent it from causing an ice dam, maintain the levels of snow on your roof. Using a roof rake is the best option for problem-solving by yourself. In contrast, we recommend hiring one of our professional roofers to clear away the snow.

Clear your Gutters and Downspouts

Snow and icy water need direction off of your roof. Downspout and gutter maintenance are key to the success of this process. Your gutters should be free of ice, snow, and leaves throughout the winter months. Prevent icicle accumulation around your home as well.

Keep the Air Moving in Your Attic

Good insulation and ventilation in your attic are important. Consistent heat leaking to the attic melts the snow from the roof. To prevent this from happening, one of our professionals can check your airflow. Also, the sealing of fans and venting helps with the movement of air. Many homes have exhaust fans, air ducts, chimneys, and pipes. Often, if not designed well, extra air can escape. Good seals will also save you money in the long run. Constant air leakage leads to higher thermostat bills. Heat escapes with poor sealing, and cold air enters the home.

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PinkStar Roofing LLC provides premium services for your leaking roof. No matter what season, our workers are available for your roofing needs. When it comes to ice dam prevention, we are the top Guelph roofing company for this need. Your roof is a long-term investment that should always be monitored. If there is an occurrence of an ice dam, call us at 647-694-6706 so your situation doesn’t worsen.