New Roof Cost Ontario

It is important to comprehend the pricing system for hiring a roofing contractor. There are many factors that go into how much does a new roof cost Ontario. Not all companies charge the same amount for roof replacements. The list below identifies why certain companies charge different amounts for their services.

5 Determining Factors that Influence How Much Does a New Roof Cost Ontario?

#1. Company Experience

#2. Time of Year

#3. State of Current Roof

#4. Area of Work

#5. Staff


One indicator that separates companies from the rest is their inexperience. Often, the established companies can justify their higher price points. A new business may come in a little lower to build clientele and get the experience they desire. Additionally, the newer company may not provide the highest quality service. The veteran businesses will finish the job quickly and to their best ability. Being frugal with your roof replacement Cambridge is not in your best interest. To get the best return on investment, paying more could be the best move.

Time of Year

Another contributor is when the roof replacement Guelph takes place. If the service is requested during bad weather, the price could spike. Since this job is daring, performing any roofing service in less-than-ideal conditions is unsafe. Moreover, if your roof needs to be replaced in the winter months, a change in price is possible. The ideal time for these services is in Spring and Summer. Winter imposes challenges on our roofers. With that said, we can still get the job done.

State of Current Roof

If the foundation of the current roof is not in the best condition, this means extra costs. It is difficult to do a roof replacement with a ruined foundation. If the attic or framing has leaks or mold, this is a cause for concern. With that said, if the roof is the only issue, there are flat rates most of the time. Contacting PinkStar Roofing LLC is your best first step to take. From there, we use Google Maps to check out the square footage and project we are up against. If you need an inspection, we perform this service for free.

Area of Work

Often, roofing companies will take the area of work into consideration when pricing. Meaning, if you are in a high-income area, they may try to up their prices. Thus, it’s important to ask your peers or friends about the amount charged. Price comparing is key in this industry. Another benefit of word of mouth is that you can have insight into the company your peers used. Not only will you have a better understanding of price, but the quality of work as well.


More established roofing companies will have higher quality staff members. Meaning, they could charge more for the job because they know the results will be great. At PinkStar Roofing LLC, we take our roofer’s experience into our roof replacement cost pricing scheme. Our workers help our reputation of being a premium roofing company. Under-paid workers tend to have less of a motivating work ethic. To ensure we provide our clients with the best results, our staff is paid appropriately.

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To Summarize – How Much Does a New Roof Cost Ontario?

There are many factors that influence the price of a roof replacement service. We encourage you to call our team at PinkStar Roofing LLC. This way, we can help guide you through our process. Also, we tackle the problem before it worsens, so you won’t need to pay more down the road. Our pricing scheme is appropriate for the workmanship we provide our clients. If you want to better understand roof replacement cost in Kitchener, give us a call at 647-264-4115.