How Much Do Roof Inspections Cost in Ontario?

There are many factors influencing how much do roof inspections cost in Ontario. At PinkStar Roofing Co LLC we encourage our roof inspection service. Majority of clients haven’t had their roof checked in years. It is important to note that some companies charge different rates for this service. Our roofers offer roof inspections for $150 total. Also, if you decide to choose our team for your roof repair Guelph – the roof inspection fee is wiped. The only cost is for the roof service you need from us.

Is a Roof Inspection Worth It?

Simple answer is yes. This service is invaluable to a homeowner for many reasons. If there are any leaks in your home, our roofers notice them right away. Our team has over a decade of experience and identify issues with ease. Our service ensures the safety of your home. By checking your attic and exterior of your roof, we look for anything irregular. If there is any water damage or signs of animal nesting, we handle it. The last thing you need is the framing to wear down in your home.

What Questions Should I Ask My Roof Inspector?

Below list down a series of questions to ask our team if you are curious about the process.

  • Are there any roof leaks?
  • Do you notice any damage on the roofing material?
  • Are there missing/damaged shingles?
  • Any signs of animal nesting?
  • Is the roofing system working properly?
  • How is the water flow in my eavestrough and gutters?

Our roofers prefer that you provide as much detail on the phone and in-person as possible. If there is a reason why you want a roof inspection, let us know. Often, clients call for an inspection because there is an issue at hand. We encourage you to check your attic semi-annually to see if anything stands out. If you come across anything concerning, let us know.

How to Choose the Best Company for the Roof Inspection:

  1. Social media
  2. Website testimonials
  3. Results

Some of the best methods for researching Guelph roofing services is on their social media. As a potential customer, you need to see the quality work a business performs. Website testimonials provide previous client’s experience with the business. The testimonials are candid and provide you with valuable information. Roof inspections are done best by the companies that have quality experience. Asking the owner about past work is key during your decision-making process.

Summarizing – How Much Do Roof Inspections Cost in Ontario?

Picking the right company for your roof inspection isn’t always easy. Some businesses will have hidden fees that leave the customer feeling confused. At PinkStar Roofing Co LLC, we are a transparent company. Our roof inspection costs are $150. This expense is wiped once you give us the green-light to proceed with any issues. If the inspection is precautionary, $150 is the grand total. When it comes to roof inspections, we are the top Guelph roofing company for this need. This is a long-term investment, and we don’t want you worrying about your roof. To get a hold of our team, the phone number is 647-694-6706.