Cost to Hire Christmas Light Installation in Cambridge Ontario

There are many factors that contribute to the Christmas light installation Cambridge cost. Like all roofing services, not all companies are the same. The pricing structure is based on key factors like labour and material costs. At PinkStar Roofing LLC, our pricing is a fixed cost. The below breakdown will show you how we price our service.

Cost Breakdown for Christmas Light Installation

Installation of lights$950.00
Removal of lights$75.00
Replacement of light bulbs before January 1stFree

What is the Process for Light Installation in Christmas?

Firstly, you choose the colour of LED lights to decorate your house with. We have a wide variety of options to choose from. Provided in the cost are lights, extension cords and timers. The timer is set at times of your choosing. At the end of the season, your chosen lights are yours to keep. Next year, the only charge is for the labour cost of re-installing the lights. The biggest draw with our process is the ownership of the lights. Majority of competing Christmas light installation Cambridge companies provide rentals. We can also take the lights down for you.

Other Pricing Systems

It’s important to be wary of competition. As stated before, not all companies provide lights to keep. Also, they charge a higher price for labour. Some of the factors that influence their pricing are outlined below.

#1. Area of Work

#2. Time of Year

#3. Staffing

1. Area of Work

A lot of the time, companies base their cost on the area. In higher-income areas, roofing companies exploit the homeowners through overcharging. To prevent this, ask for references or check their website to ensure they don’t have a flat rate. Not only does this occur with light installation, but also in other roofing services Cambridge.

2. Time of Year

Another significant factor is when the installation takes place. Putting up lights in a snowstorm is less than ideal for both parties. Roofing companies either turn down the work or add charges to the quote. Moreover, light installation rates are not always consistent after a certain date. As stated in PinkStar Roofing LLC quote, after January 1st – burnt lightbulb replacement is no longer free.

3. Staffing

Smaller companies won’t need to charge as much to compensate for employee wages. But, work takes longer with fewer people. Asking the company their estimated competition time is key. Most people get their lights put up in December. It would be helpful of you to call and ask about their scheduling and ensure the project is done promptly.

Other Important Points to Consider

When researching for a roofing company in Cambridge, it’s important to do the following. Check to see what the reviews are saying. Whether it’s social media, Google, or website testimonials, these are good resources. Asking the company for references is also encouraged. This will allow you to understand the point of view of the client. Contacting an old customer will give you candid information.

To Summarize Cost to Hire Christmas Light Installation Cambridge

There are specific factors that can influence the price of a roofing job. To ensure you are getting the best value for your service, we encourage you to do research before you choose a company. It’s rare to find a business that has elite roofers at a reasonable price. At PinkStar Roofing LLC, we have premium roofers and the results to back it up. Our pricing scheme is appropriate for the workmanship we provide our clients. If you want to better understand our costs, give us a call at (647) 694-6706