Roofing in Winter

Most understand that the roofing season is during the warmer months. Yet, work still occurs during the winter season. Granted, most of the customers express interest in this industry during the summer. There are still people who need Cambridge roofing services year-round. The below explains Can Roofing be done in the Winter Months in Cambridge, ON?

Roofing in Winter: Pros

  • Emergency Roofing Needs
  • Weather Can be Favourable
  • Roofing Company Availability

Winter is not the optimal time for Roof replacement Cambridge. With that said, PinkStar Roofing LLC provides emergency roofing services. The unfortunate reality is that there are cases where roofs won’t last through the winter. Especially in Cambridge, Guelph in the Kitchener area. There are in a region that experiences a lot of snow. PinkStar Roofing LLC provides emergency roofing services to homes that have leaks.

Although the winter makes the roofing job hard, it’s not impossible. There are some favorable days that have no precipitation. This gives a short window for our roofers to perform any roof repair services Cambridge. Also, the demand for roofing services is lower during winter, our schedule is open for customers.

Roofing in Winter: Cons

  • Shingles Can Damage
  • Possibility of Leaks
  • Weather Obstacles
  • Project Duration

To install shingles, it’s best to complete the roof installation in warmer temperatures. The chances of cracking or damaged shingles are higher when the temperature is not warm. With cracking, shingles come penetration points in the roof. Some customers experience water damage or mold growth in their attic. The reason for this can be holes in the attic or roof. Poorly installed shingles allow for wind and precipitation to enter the home. Additionally, this will cause your heating to work overtime. Your thermostat bills will likely change, as your heating combats the outdoor weather.

On another note, the weather can make the project take longer to complete. The sealing process for roofs doesn’t happen in cold temperatures. With that said, roofing work still occurs. But our roofers prefer to wait a few days of favorable weather to ensure the best results. In other words, the project duration is longer than it would be during the summer months.

To Summarize: Can Roofing be done in the Winter Months in Cambridge, ON?

It is important to note, roof installation does not stop in the winter months. Although it is not the optimal time for action these services, we put the clients as a top priority. There are ways to work around the winter weather. As a company of over 10 years, we have experienced many obstacles in this industry. Our expertise is our competitive advantage.

Ideally, if you are looking for Cambridge roofing services, we perform best in summer or spring. With that said, not all roofing jobs are projected and planned. Often, homeowners cannot wait until summer to get these services done. Our roofers will plan the job during favorable weather in winter. Not all roofing companies are active during the colder months. Yet, PinkStar Roofing can be relied on. If you have any questions about roofing services in winter, give us a call at 647-694-6706.