5 Signs You Need Immediate Roof Repair

Over time, your roof will experience the weathering effects of different weather patterns. Roof durability is overlooked, yet important to your safety. We encourage you to be proactive when you notice something wrong with your roof. This will help prevent you from purchasing an entire roof replacement in Cambridge.

PinkStar Roofing LLC, lists down 5 signs you need immediate roof repair

Here, check in brief about the 5 signs you need immediate roof repair. Read below;

#1. Missing Shingles

Poor installation aside, missing shingles can be a result of high wind pressure or the accumulation of snow over the winter. We are capable of replacing the occasional absent shingle so you don’t have to undergo an entire replacement. If your roof was recently replaced, we will help troubleshoot and see the damage that your roof has endured since the shingles were missing. However, if your roof hasn’t seen inspection for many years, it could mean the time for a roof replacement is right around the corner. This is one of the most common of the 5 signs you need immediate roof repair because of the extreme weather conditions faced year-round.

#2. Blistering

This can be best described as the action of bubbles accumulating under your shingle granules, causing distortion to your roof. A blistering shingle may be the breakthrough point for a potential leak into your roof. The best way to identify a blistering shingle is that it will look distorted in comparison to the rest. Handling a blistering roof is a task our Roof Repair Cambridge clients have contacted us about frequently, and these tasks can be accurately dealt with by our professionals.

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#3. Water Spots Inside Home

It’s pretty uncommon for you to have a direct view of your entire roof to be proactive on an exposed spot. With this being said, the most significant telling sign of a leaky roof will be any water spots on your ceiling. Checking your attic is one way to see if your roof is holding up as it should. In addition to watermarks, mold build-up will most likely present itself in these particular areas.

#4. Damaged Flashing

The flashing is stripping of metal that steers water away from critical areas of your roof. The components of the critical areas are the chimney, vents, and skylights. With proper installation, they will be protected by the flashing so there is no water damage worsening the roof durability. Our professionals have been thoroughly trained to understand the importance of flashing. Improper installation of flashing is one of the common causes of roof leaking. Our workers have decades of experience and can identify where the roof is most vulnerable.

#5. Higher Thermostat Bills

If there hasn’t been any noticeable damage to the roof, one of the most significant signs of roof exposure is a more expensive thermostat bill. Your indoor heating will be to working harder to combat the temperature from outdoors. This is arguably the most important component of the 5 signs you need immediate roof repair because this can easily go unnoticed. Comparing previous bills can help the homeowner identify the situation. Additionally, if one room seems to be a different temperature than the rest, this can be a result of roof damage.

Conclusion – 5 Signs You Need Immediate Roof Repair

PinkStar roofing will provide quality materials, performance, and results for your roofing issues. Our work will leave you feeling safe and secure. This is a necessary investment that will increase the value and appearance of your home. If you are experiencing any of the 5 signs you need immediate roof repair, please give us a call at 647-694-6706 and we will promptly handle your situation, so it doesn’t worsen.